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  • Vivienne Burke


Energy Saver Plus

Energy Saver Plus, a family-owned and operated business located in

AsOne Coworking

Well known for it’s vibrant community of professional creatives and

Home Tech Helper

  Home Tech Helper has been providing a service on


At VoltaRocks, we are passionate about empowering households and small

Surfcoast Electrics

Surfcoast Electrics is a locally owned and operated company with

Keystone Construction & Design

Keystone Construction and Design makes beautiful, happy and healthy houses

GDC Architects

The only Passiv Haus designer in southwest Victoria, GDC Architects

Barwon Timber

Barwon Timber is an independent, family-owned business based in Geelong

Zero Waste Project

Reducing food waste is the single most powerful thing you can do

Solahart Geelong

Solahart Geelong is your local Installer of Solar Panels, Solar